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Bash by Neil LaBute, Barons Court Theatre

I am tipping this purely on the basis that it is by Neil LaBute. I love his work and I try and get to all of his plays!

Cut and pasted from the OffWestEnd Website:

Bash by Neil LaBute, Barons Court Theatre
5 June 2012 to 17 June 2012

Paul Taylor-Mills presents a brand new production of Neil LaBute's acclaimed play.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, if I don’t like what I see I’ll murder them all. Revenge, twisted logic and righteousness mix in this paradoxically gleeful look at taboos and murder. Three separate short plays by world renowned playwright Neil Labute explore whether evil underlines us all, or merely disguises itself frighteningly well in a few.

For more details and to book tickets follow the link:
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