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GLEE @ PwC, the inclusive business network for gays, lesbians and everyone else

I used to work for PwC many many many moons ago, in what used to be their Public Services Division.

I am running another promotion for the GLEE @ PwC network (my original promo for them was back in April). They had another event last night, a workshop focusing on LGBT issues, which I attended. I brought along two non-PwC people and both of them enjoyed the event and found the workshop really valuable. As for me, I came away from the workshop way more informed about LGBT issues, and I enjoyed - as I always do - hearing other people's thoughts and opinions, their stories and their experiences. I enjoy GLEE events because they are fun, there is so much positive energy in the room, and I always feel appreciated, respected and valued.

What initially drew me to GLEE, and what holds me there, is the vision that everyone is a unique and special individual; that you should be true to yourself; and that you should bring the whole you - the real you - to work. The special ideas and skills that you bring to the table BECAUSE of your difference are valuable things that can enrich and grow a business. I back that vision 100%.

Cut and pasted from the GLEE @ PwC website:

GLEE @ PwC - our inclusive business network for gays, lesbians and everyone else - is all about breaking down the barriers of difference and connecting people, celebrating that we’re all unique regardless of our sexuality, race, gender, religion or ability. So you don’t need a label like gay, lesbian, straight or bisexual – you just have to be up for embracing the uniqueness of all people.

We're proud to be known as the 'inclusive business network for Gays, Lesbians and Everyone Else'. We're keen to encourage membership from inside and outside of our firm. As well as encouraging lively and informative debate, we're committed to providing a range of business events during the year.

If you are as passionate as us about inclusion and equality in the workplace, then please join us and share your thoughts and ideas.

Find out more about them here:

Gaystarnews have just run the most amazing feature on them:
GLEE at work: A gay staff group for everyone. GSN interviews Andy Woodfield from PwC on how they have created GLEE, an LGBT staff network which works for straight people too:
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