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Walk for Life 2012 on behalf of the Terrence Higgins Trust, Sunday 20 May 2012

My Walk for Life is taking place this coming Sunday so please could you sponsor me this week. THANK YOU.

Walk for Life: Supporting people living with HIV in poverty

Join us for a royal good time on 20 May 2012 and help raise a King's ransom ...

Cut and pasted from a letter from the Terrence Higgins Trust:

Walk for Life, Terrence Higgins Trust's annual 10k sponsored walk through central London, is back for its 23rd outing on Sunday 20 May 2012 and this year there's a very regal feel in the air with a right royal Kings and Queens theme. The Kings and Queens theme means that I will probably do the easy thing and go dressed as an Indian Maharaja or Maharani. I have not yet decided what I will be wearing but it will be very regal!

Walk for Life is always a lot of fun, a community celebration of life and love, courage and determination and a great excuse to get all dressed up, but most importantly it raises money for a vital service which offers a lifeline to people living with HIV in poverty. As of January 2012, Terrence Higgins Trust re-launched the Hardship Fund with national reach across the whole of the UK.

All funds raised from Walk for Life go towards providing vital grants for people living with HIV in severe financial need through our Hardship Fund. The Fund will offer invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable people with HIV, allowing them to afford basic necessities like warm clothing, healthy food and the fare to get to the hospital - helping them to keep their dignity and stay healthy despite severe financial difficulties.

Raks's says

This is the only fundraiser I am doing this year, and it is for a cause that is special to me and is very close to my heart. This will be the fourth time I am doing the Walk for Life (I did it in 2008, 2009 and 2011). I know money is very tight for everyone at the moment, but I am hoping that people can still find it within themselves to give a small contribution (or a large contribution!) to those who need the money more. Please please please, if you can afford to do so, sponsor me here:

And finally, last but not least, this is an open invitation for all my friends, colleagues, stakeholders and customers to join me on the walk if they wish to do so - the more the merrier!

You can register for the walk here:
Or call the Royal Hotline on 020 7812 1665
Or email walk@walkforlife.co.uk
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