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Two soldiers in Afghanistan murdered by the British government


Cut and pasted from the Stop the War Website:

Two soldiers in Afghanistan murdered by the British government
The only answer which the US and its allies have to failing wars is to keep pouring money into them and hope for the best, says Stop the War's convenor Lindsey German.

The criminality and cynicism of politicians who prolong the war in Afghanistan despite its patent failure has claimed more victims. The deaths of two British soldiers, at the hands of Afghan police, cruelly underlines the failure and futility of the war being conducted by Nato forces. The statement by UK defence minister Phillip Hammond that these soldiers "sacrificed" their lives "for our own national security", is quite simply a lie. These soldiers died because the British government would rather continue fighting an unjustified war that is being lost than admit that after eleven years nothing has been achieved but mass slaughter and destruction. It would rather sacrifice the lives of British soldiers than end its slavish support for all the US-led wars that has been so catastrophic for the countries invaded and has made the world ever more unstable and insecure. Every soldier killed in Afghanistan dies at the hands of the British government's refusal to face reality or to do what the overwhelming majority of people in this country want: end the war now.

In London we will be outside the US embassy on Saturday 19 May demanding No to NATO, troops out and no intervention in the Middle East.

Follow the link to read the full article:
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