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Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch voted The Sun’s Sexiest Man by Sun Readers

Photo credit: http://deareje.tumblr.com/

Cut and pasted from The Sun website:

SHERLOCK actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been voted The Sun’s Sexiest Man — by our army of clued-up readers.

The star of BBC1’s hit detective series beat scores of traditional poster boys, including all the lads from One Direction, to win the coveted title.

And he romped home — with more than DOUBLE the votes of second-placed man David Beckham.

Modest Benedict, 35, doesn’t rate his looks. He once described himself as looking like racehorse Shergar and revealed: “I’ve wanted to play roles that have gone to better-looking people.”

But Sun readers were clearly attracted to his beauty AND brains.

Follow the link to read the full story:
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