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Vote Brian Paddick for Mayor of London on Thursday 3 May 2012

Brian Paddick, Caroline Pidgeon and the Lib Dem London GLA team
Photo credit: http://www.brianpaddick.com/

The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

I always vote because I am very conscious of the struggles that people have gone through so that I can have a vote. It would be an insult, knowing people have died for the vote, not to use the vote that I have been granted.

I do not belong to a political party; I have never belonged to a political party. I vote for the person or the party who, at that particular election, has the best policies on the issues that I care the most about.

Tomorrow, on Thursday 3 May, I will be voting for Brian Paddick on my first preference to be the Mayor of London.


The Mayor of London will have responsibility for the Policing of London. Brian served as an officer in the Metropolitan Police for over 30 years and left as a Deputy Assistant Commissioner. I am a Lambeth resident and can vouch for the fact that he was excellent in his role as the Borough Commander for Lambeth and had the backing and support of the local community in the policing priorities and policies he implemented whilst he was there. He knows London as he was born in London and has lived his whole life in London.

He is a man of integrity and of principle, who is prepared to speak out for what he believes to be right. This is a rare quality in a politician but one that is very important to me and that I value above all else.

I liked the emphasis that he places on fairer policing eg addressing the unfair and disproportionate use of stop and search against young black men.

I liked his determination to do something to tackle the scourge of gangs, guns and knives. Again, living in Lambeth, and caring about young people, this is an issue that is very important to me. Brian believes that too many young people are dying on the streets of London and that something needs to be done; I agree. I like the fact that he said explicitly that young people were "overpoliced and underprotected"; this really resonated with me.

I really care about young people having the opportunities that were open to me as a young person. Brian has made a commitment to create a dedicated fund targeted at working with young people, and he wants to work with young people and local communities to offer young people a positive alternative to gangs. He listens to what people and communities say; again, a rare quality for a politician!

Brian's record on diversity is unparalleled and speaks for itself. I would argue that he has always stood up for diversity and Black communities, often against the establishment and, ultimately, he paid the price for doing so.

Finally, being an openly gay man, at one time the United Kingdom's most senior openly gay police officer, he knows what it is like to be "other"; to be discriminated against and to be hated; to have to take on prejudice and fight it every day; that gives him a unique insight amongst the candidates. And I don't believe that being a woman is the same; women make up half the population and although they face discrimination they do not face hatred from certain quarters.

In conclusion, vote Brian Paddick for Mayor of London on Thursday 3 May.

You can find out everything you need to know about who Brian is and what he stands for on his website:

Photo credit: http://www.brianpaddick.com/
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