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Vote Cllr Patrick Vernon for Manchester Central

Photo credit: http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/black-communities-hit-spending-cuts-says-charity

Cllr Patrick Vernon is on the shortlist to be selected as the new Labour candidate for Manchester Central. Patrick is currently Chief Executive of the Afiya Trust, one of the leading race equality health charities in the country, where he has highlighted key health issues and their impact on BME communities. He is also currently a Labour Councillor in Hackney.

Cllr Patrick Vernon has produced a booklet, entitled "New life and aspirations for the party and constituents of Manchester Central", which explains why he is standing as a potential Labour candidate and what he can offer to Manchester Central constituents.

Photo credit: http://patrickvernon.org.uk/new-life-and-aspirations-for-the-party-and-constituents-of-manchester-central-3/

Selected highlights from the booklet:

"Labour in Manchester Central needs a parliamentary candidate who is a proven, strong, energetic campaigner with a passion and commitment to social justice and tackling inequalities in education, health, housing, and environment. A person who can address equality issues with the skills to unite and build bridges in a diverse and vibrant constituency.

Too many politicians try to hide their real views or tell members what they think they want to hear. I’m not like that – I prefer to tell it as it is and earn people’s respect for my honesty and hard work. I am very proud to be a Socialist and left of the party.

The Labour Party in the past has delivered a lot for ordinary people in Manchester – a minimum wage, increased spending on schools and hospitals, more jobs, lower interest rates, greater commitment to environment and equality issues. However, to win the by-election we need to campaign with new ideas and vision to engage and support a growing class of people and communities who have little or no stake in society. We need to demonstrate that Labour is still committed to social justice for everyone and not just for the rich and privileged. We have to go out and campaign on what unites us all in a period of the privatisation of the NHS, cuts in services, mass unemployment and poverty for young people, families and pensioners."

- Cllr Patrick Vernon

You can download the full booklet here:

Cllr Patrick Vernon's new website is here:

Raks's Says

This (hopefully) proves that I am not tied to political parties but that I back people who have integrity, who I believe have the right policies, and who I trust to deliver for local people and local communities.

The Afiya Trust is one of the third sector organisations (charities) that I have been working for recently. I know Patrick reasonably well; he is a rare politician - honest, direct, straight-talking and straight-dealing; someone with integrity, passion and principles who has gone into politics to help serve his community. If anyone deserves to be an MP, it is Patrick.

Unfortunately, as I am neither a member of the Labour Party nor do I live in Manchester, I have no say whatsoever in the selection process for the new Labour candidate. And that is why I am appealing to Labour Party Members who live in Manchester Central - Please vote for Cllr Patrick Vernon on Monday!

In the meantime, I am wishing Patrick all the best with his campaigning and with his candidacy.

The selection meeting will take place on Monday 16 April (7pm start) in the Methodist Central Hall, Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JQ.
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