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Benedict Cumberbatch is this week's Radio Times cover star

Photo credit: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-04-10/see-benedict-cumberbatch-as-this-week%27s-radio-times-cover-star

Cut and pasted from the Radio Times Website:

This week we're celebrating British acting talent ahead of the Olivier Awards, and who better to represent the best of British on our front cover than Benedict Cumberbatch.

We've commissioned arch thespian Simon Callow to write us a piece about the work of actors on both stage and screen. Plus we've a raft of exclusive interviews with the Olivier nominees including Callow, Celia Imrie, Patrick Stewart, Lindsay Duncan, Mark Gatiss and Eve Myles, and exclusive photos shot by Charlie Gray too.

Read the full story here:

Your new Radio Times is available to buy from Tuesday 10 April.

Read Danny Boyle's thoughts on the Sherlock star here:

Edited highlights from that piece:

Danny Boyle: Benedict Cumberbatch is "one of the leading actors in the world"

The film and theatre director Danny Boyle has sung the praises of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, calling the 35-year-old actor "extraordinary" and "one of the leading actors in the world". Boyle directed Cumberbatch last year in Frankenstein at the National Theatre.

Talking to Radio Times for the new issue's Olivier Awards picture special, Boyle recalled the casting of Cumberbatch in the play.

"I didn’t really know him as a stage actor," Boyle said. "I knew what a fine screen actor he is. But there's a physicality involved in the theatre. It's not just about mannerisms or impersonation, which screen often is: it's about sustaining a narrative with mind and body. When I saw him for Frankenstein, that was the only thing I wanted to know. Did he have that physical capacity? And of course he does.

"That's why he's now what he is: one of the leading actors in the world. He's gone on to another division, which is movies at the moment. He'll have a great time. He's got experience, he's not a young ingénue being exposed to Hollywood. He'll make the best of it."

Going back to his first meeting with Cumberbatch, Boyle said: "We met and I asked him to do a few things and he was extraordinary in the room. He's as fit as a boxer, which you have to be for the stage. You have to have an internal fitness that allows you to carry the story so it never sags. He had this combination of the cerebral and the physical which you can see when you look back at his screen work – in Hawking, it's there. Frankenstein was a great one for using it."
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