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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Black Londoners to hold largest Mayoral hustings, Thursday 12 April 6pm

Photo credit: http://www.obv.org.uk/

Cut and pasted from the Operation Black Vote website:

In what is likely to be one of the largest Mayoral Hustings during this often acrimonious contest, a coalition of Black leaders including church and business leaders, activists, faith groups, and others will be hosting a rally/hustings to help decide who will be the next Mayor for London. Given that BME communities across the capital make up a third of all Londoners, our collective vote could be a deciding factor. With issues ranging from transport, policing, young people, and the socio economic regeneration of London, alongside a discussion on health, wellbeing and planning permission, this event is earmarked to be a watershed for Black Britain to decide who best matches their aspirations for London’s future.

Follow the link for all the details and to register:

I am going - JOIN ME!
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