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Die Harder by David Mach, Southwark Cathedral

Die Harder
Die Harder is a dramatic sculpture by artist David Mach RA which will bring home to people the human agony of the Crucifixion.

Photo credit: http://www.arturban.co.uk/blog/coat-hanger-christ-david-mach/

Photo credit: http://www.1000thingsinlondon.com/2012/03/southwark-cathedral-141000.html

I first saw this on Sunday 25 March, and was profoundly moved by it. I went back on Saturday 31 March so that I could have some quality time with the sculpture and take some decent photos of it.

I am highly recommending the work, for believers and non-believers alike, because it is deeply moving and it gets you to think about (if you are a believer) the pain, suffering and agony that Christ endured to redeem us and (if you are a non-believer) the pain, suffering and agony that many millions of people around the world endure in the here and now for their religious and political beliefs because they have the misfortune to live in countries where they are persecuted for these beliefs.

Photo credit: http://www.hihimag.com/arts/2012/03/david-mach-die-harder/

Follow the link for more details:

More information can be found on the flyer which is here:

Die Harder will be in place in Southwark Cathedral until Good Friday (6 April).

Photo credit: http://www.hihimag.com/arts/2012/03/david-mach-die-harder/
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