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Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Look what I just found:

Photo credit: http://www.movieposterdb.com/poster/e50f7e1c

Cut and pasted from the Filmaffinity website:

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes is a 2010 animated film. It is the first Tom and Jerry direct-to-video film to be produced without any of its original creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

In the city of London, a crook is stealing jewels around the Scotland Yard, and Red, a beautiful singer, is being framed for this crime. Tom and Jerry, as assistants, must help Sherlock Holmes look for clues and track down the real thief to solve this case.

Photo credit: http://www.dailyfreegames.com/wallpaper/adventure-wallpaper/tom-and-jerry-meet-sherlock-holmes/tomandjerrymeetsherlockholmes_800x600_1.html

And I just found the inspiration for The Reichenbach Fall!:

Photo credit: http://momsfocusonline.com/giveaway-tom-and-jerry-meet-sherlock-holmes-2-winners.html

Photo credit: http://mudcore.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/bbc-sherlock-s02e03-the-reichenback-fall/
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