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Black ephemera, Depictions of people of African descent, 4 July 2012

The study day focuses on the ways in which black people from the African and Caribbean diaspora have been represented in ephemera over the last two hundred years.

Photo credit: http://www.emiliolopezolivares.com/article-la-venus-del-inmenso-trasero-culo-68375643.html

Beginning with images printed before the abolition of slavery, ephemera have provided a wide range of opportunities for advertisers and others to depict black people unfavourably for their own ends. The graphic and verbal stereotyping that has resulted from such practices will be discussed in relation to particular forms of racial bias and different kinds of ephemera (trade cards, sheet music, advertising, packaging, postcards, greetings cards).

An exhibition of ephemera will document some of the most common forms of stereotyping over the years and provide a backdrop to discussions.

Contributions will be made by historians of black culture, ephemerists, and those concerned with racial equality and community relations.

The one-day symposium starts at 10.30 am for 11.00 am until early evening and the fee, including lunch, is £50.

If you wish to attend please contact:

Diane Bilbey
Centre for Ephemera Studies
Department of Typography & Graphic Communication
University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6AU
tel 0118 378 4324
email d.j.bilbey@reading.ac.uk
Tags: art, big society, politics, race
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