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Cock, starring Andrew Scott, Royal Court ... The one that got away!

Andrew Scott and Ben Whishaw
Photo credit: http://hellyeahandrewscott.tumblr.com/post/12252436027/cock-due-to-air-20th-november-on-radio-3

Andrew Scott only came to my attention through Sherlock, and Mike Bartlett through 13, so I did not see this play. What was I thinking?!

Cut and pasted from the Royal Court website:

Cock, by Mike Bartlett
13 November to 19 December 2009

When John takes a break from his boyfriend, he accidentally meets the girl of his dreams. Filled with guilt and indecision, he decides there is only one way to straighten this out …

Mike Bartlett’s punchy new story takes a playful, candid look at one man’s sexuality and the difficulties that arise when you realise you have a choice.

Follow the link for all the details:
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