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Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company: Last 3 days to catch it!

The Swivel Theatre Company: Classic theatre … with a twist

Malvolio reading the letter, Production Photo

Sir Andrew, Sir Toby and Maria spying on Malvolio as he reads the letter, supposedly from Olivia, but in reality from Maria, Rehearsal Photo

Images courtesy of the Swivel Theatre Company

As a member of the production team, I am not allowed to review the production, but I am posting a review below which pretty much says what I think and that I concur with wholeheartedly!

What I can say is that I went to see the play again yesterday with my mum and one of my best friends. The production was very good when it opened, but it really has evolved and developed over the course of the run, and it is now exceptional. The scene which I have illustrated above (Act II Scene V) where Malvolio finds the letter purporting to be from Olivia, although it is really from Maria, where Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria spy on Malvolio to see the effect of their "prank", is a work of genius!

Review from A Younger Theatre: Theatre through the eyes of the younger generations,
Topline Summary: Having studied the play it was a pleasure to finally see it brought to life and in such an innovative way. I must thank Swivel Theatre for making my first experience of Fringe theatre a joyous and inspiring one.

You can now book your Twelfth Night tickets online at:

You can also book tickets by calling The Cockpit box office on: 020 7258 2925 (lines open 12 till 6, Monday to Friday).

Follow the link for all the details:

Twelfth Night closes this Sunday (18th March).
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