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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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The Olivier Awards 2012
Frankenstein (from the programme)
yvaine24 wrote in mycroft_brolly

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH  and JOHNNY LEE MILLER  nominated for best actor at the Olivier Awards 2012!!!!

Frankenstein also nominated for best lighting and best sound design.


Raks - there's a few other nominations that you would be interested in too, including Nick Hytner for Best Director (One Man Two Guvnors). The link below shows all the nominations.


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I'm going to whisper this very quietly, because clearly I'm in an awkward and argumentative mood today, and I don't want to cause Raks any more exasperation, but I'm glad that Benedict and Johnny have been nominated together...

Johnny had to carry the show several time when Ben was ill. He deserves his share of the plaudits. :-)) And hurrah for Underworld's soundscape and the lighting effects. All good stuff. :-)

Thanks for this post yvaine24! I have been out and about all day and so you beat me to it.

As for captivebird ... just you wait until I next see you! Exasperated of Streatham!

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