Rakshita (Raks) Patel (rakspatel) wrote in mycroft_brolly,
Rakshita (Raks) Patel

London Walks, Richard IV

I did two London Walks with Richard IV in February. Richard IV is the London Walks's Sherlock specialist. I got to know Richard quite well during the walks and at the end of the second walk he asked me to provide him with some feedback on the London Walks website.

I did so and it has now appeared. Check it out!



From now on, Richard IV will also be promoting Save Undershaw as part and parcel of his regular Friday walk. He will be talking about Undershaw and the fact that it is under threat. He will be directing people to the website and telling them to log their concern. A couple of weeks ago I dropped by to give him his UPT badge, he was one of the first to have one.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that for Sherlock fans, a walk with Richard IV is a MUST!
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