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This Means War, starring Tom Hardy

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I saw this today on a huge screen in Leicester Square. I couldn't really afford to do so, but it was Tom Hardy, so I decided that given the choice of bankrupting myself and missing Tom Hardy's new film, I would file for bankruptcy!

Raks's Reaction

This deserves an Oh My F**king God (OMFG)!

As we all know, I am a HUGE Tom Hardy fan. I first saw the trailer for this film way back in January at the cinema and I loved it! Ever since I saw the trailer I have been so up for this film; and my primary thought has been ... Bring it on!

You can view the trailer here:

I have been working hard all weekend and I was looking for some escapism; something that was sunshine on a rainy day; something that was a big blockbuster Hollywood popcorn movie; something that was light, frivolous and, above all else, fun. Boy oh boy - this movie delivered all that, and more, in spades!

The film is primarily a romantic comedy, a chic flick, where the woman, Lauren (played by Reese Witherspoon), has to choose between two charming and adorable men, Tuck (played by Tom Hardy) and FDR (played by Chris Pine), who happen to be best friends AND CIA agents (yes, girlfriends I am sure this happens to us all the time!).

This film has it all - fully rounded and believable characters whom you can identify and empathize with, great actors, amazing action sequences, laughs (lots of laughs) and humour, a light touch, and hot male leads! What more could you want?! I loved it!

In terms of Tom's character, Tuck, what can I say? He stole my heart! Tuck is a Brit abroad, and it is great to see Tom play "British" in an American world. Tuck is the type of man any woman would treasure; he is someone who is a "good guy"; kind, caring, and decent; honest and open; a devoted father; someone who does not date often, but when he does commit gives you his whole heart; someone who knows how to treat a woman; and who can sweep her off her feet. The cynical amongst you may say that such men do not exist; I know for a fact that they do! I want a Tuck in my life!

Finally, I just HAVE to give a shout out to Angela Bassett who plays Collins, Tuck and FDR's boss. She is completely believable and 100% convincing. So for those who say there are limited or no positive Black role models out there, here is one, a woman to boot, right at the top of the tree in a man's world (CIA).

So, let battle commence, and all I can say is ... may the best man win!

Photo credit: http://www.flicksandbits.com/tag/tom-hardy/

And no one has to fret or worry, BOTH lead male actors have a happy ending to their story.


And, be warned, if ANYONE dares to say otherwise, there will be trouble! And I can be very scary when I get angry (think The Incredible Hulk!).

I know reviewers have panned this film and written it off. What the hell would they know?! It is NOT claiming to be War and Peace; it is meant to be FUN!
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