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Future Cinema Presents Bugsy Malone

Cut and pasted from an email from Future Cinema:

Future Cinema, creators of Secret Cinema, bring you the following newsflash:
Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy is open for business again from 16th March until 14th April.
Future Cinema brings back the smash-hit BUGSY MALONE, one of the most well-loved Secret Cinema productions, at the fantabulous TROXY, in the East Side of the City of London.

Hurry yourselves up and join in our all-singing, all-dancing live cinema extravaganza where you are at the heart of the experience. There'll be cola floats, boxing, dancing girls, gangsters and plenty more surprises.


What is Future Cinema?

Future Cinema is a live events company that specialise in creating living, breathing experiences of the cinema.

Conceived in 2005 by Fabien Riggall, Founder and Director of Future Shorts, Future Cinema aim to bring the concept of ‘experience’ back to the cinema-going world.

Specialising in bringing events to life through a unique fusion of film, improvised performances, detailed design and interactive multimedia, Future Cinema create wholly immersive worlds that stretch the audience’s imagination and challenge their expectations.

Creators of the acclaimed Secret Cinema, which brings mystery movies to extraordinary locations around London and the UK, Future Cinema have been hailed for bringing a sense of spectacle back in an age of multiplexes.

Follow the link for more details and to buy tickets:

I won't be going to this as Bugsy Malone is not really my thing, but I am more than happy to recommend Future Cinema and Secret Cinema. I have been to several of their events in the past and they are always oustanding.

My feature on Secret Cinema is here:
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