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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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You had me at "hello"
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
The above quote from the film Jerry Maguire pretty much sums up in one phrase how I feel about the actor in the image below!

Photo credit: http://deareje.tumblr.com/

And whilst I am on about Jerry Maguire, the film comes highly recommended!

Photo credit: http://www.moviegoods.com/movie_poster/jerry_maguire_1996.htm

The "You had me at hello" sequence is here:

The trailer for Jerry Maguire is here:

The Empire Review of Jerry Maguire is here:

If you have not seen the film, what have you been doing all your life? :)

I am a HUGE Tom Cruise fan, and will soon be starting to talk about some of my favourite Tom Cruise films; and once I have started, I won't be able to stop!

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I love Jerry Maguire and especially the......"You had me at hello" scene!

And the kid in the film is just the cutest thing ever!

Have I told you that I have rather a lot of Tom Cruise's films in my dvd collection.

The little boy - OMG Yes! He is THE cutest child actor EVER!

No, I did not know about you and Tom Cruise. But I too have rather a lot of Tom Cruise films in my DVD collection - I guess we will be having a "mine is bigger than yours" face-off soon! Anyway, I saw him first!

My favourite Tom Cruise films are Rain Man, Cocktail, Far and Away, Vanilla Sky and Minority Report. Some of those I cited are not at all popular or fashionable but they are my favourites. Very controversially, I don't at all rate the Mission Impossible franchise and just wish that Tom had never done them, although I understand it brings in the money for him to finance his less commercial work.

Speaking of Rain Man, I have this tribute tee-shirt which I love to pieces:

I think you may have guessed I have a very slight obsession with tee-shirts that are theatre, film or TV related or inspired!

While you and yvaine24 are busy fan-girling over Tom Cruise I will run off with Mr Cumberbatch...

I'm not adverse to Tom, his acting or his films per se – just can't fancy someone who isn't taller than myself. :-))

Tallness - Well, that is your loss! Someone who has a smile as charming as Toms, or a personality as bubbly, extrovert and fun as Toms, or who is as respectful and lovely towards his fans as Tom, does not need height in my book! He is THE most outstanding actor and is an absolute darling to boot. He also achieved everything that he has done through his own hard work, blood, sweat and toil; he had no "ins"; he is completely self-made and self-taught. I really respect that.

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