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Travelling Light Platform Today, National Theatre

Photo credit: http://thelexicinema.co.uk/2012/01/05/nt-live-travelling-light/

This is a very interesting production! If you read my blog, you will know that I love this production. To try and put the most positive spin on it, what I will say is that the reception for the production has been decidedly MIXED. It has even left a few of my contacts, who know their theatre, and are very educated and intelligent people, cold. However, I am sticking with my own assessment, which is that I love it!

Cut and pasted from the National Theatre website:

Nicholas Hytner and Nicholas Wright on Travelling Light
The director and the playwright discuss this new production with Sarah Hemming of The Financial Times.

To buy tickets, follow the link:

Obviously, I am going, and I think that the talk will be of interest not just to those who want to learn more about the production, but also if you want to find out more about what life as part of the Jewish community in a shtetl was like, and also if you want to find out more about the early days of motion pictures (circa 1900).

Also, cut and pasted from the National Theatre website:

Travelling Light
A new play by Nicholas Wright, directed by Nick Hytner

Friday 17 February, 6pm

In a remote village in Eastern Europe, around 1900, the young Motl Mendl is entranced by the flickering silent images on his father’s cinematograph. Bankrolled by Jacob, the ebullient local timber merchant, and inspired by Anna, the girl sent to help him make moving pictures of their village, he stumbles on a revolutionary way of story-telling. Forty years on, Motl – now a famed American film director – looks back on his early life and confronts the cost of fulfilling his dreams.

Follow the link for full details on the production and to book tickets:

My review of Travelling Light is here:
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