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Save Our NHS: Sign the petition

Cut and pasted from an email from 38 Degrees:

Tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members have voted on what we do next to save the NHS. The votes have been counted. Here's our top priority: force MPs to hold a fresh debate on whether to scrap Andrew Lansley's dangerous plans for our health service.

There's a petition on the government website calling for Lansley's NHS plans to be dropped. It's got 60,000 names on it. The government has said that when a petition reaches 100,000 names it can trigger a proper debate in Parliament. So let's get signing!

Add your name to the government e-petition here:

If 38 Degrees members pile in now, we can easily raise this petition past 100,000 signatures. The more names on it, the more pressure on the government and MPs to rein in Andrew Lansley's plans.

The government said they launched their own petition website to give voters more say. So let's hold them to that. Just this week fresh opinion polls have shown that most voters don't support Lansley's plans. Let's try to use their petition website to force MPs to listen to our message that the NHS plans are a dangerous mess and need to be stopped.

38 Degrees members know that the future of the NHS matters. It’s about each one of us knowing that we can get the treatment we need when we need it, without having to worry about paying. It's about knowing that our loved ones will be able to rely on the same thing in years to come. It’s a national treasure, not a political football. So let's keep fighting for it!
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