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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Together we're stronger. Let's be 100k strong
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Photo credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/labour/2988795/Top-100-left-wingers-100-76.html

Cut and pasted from the Operation Black Vote website:

Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities face the biggest challenge for a generation. After years of progress, we are back on the slide. Black deaths in police custody have risen sharply and levels of 'Stop and Search' are at record levels. These elements along with high levels of unemployment and opportunism were said to be key factors in last summer's riots.

Together we do have a strong voice. The first step is to be united. A few years ago OBV's ambitious campaign to bring 100k voices together to demand race equality and opportunity gave OBV a strong database of 20k. Now is the time to reach 100k.

Follow the link for the full story and to sign-up:
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