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The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes DVD

The DVD is here:
At £8.99 for a hour long feature it is pricey.

The mysteries that surrounded Sherlock Holmes were far more easily solved than the question of why his creator killed him off, but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes aims to do just that. Narrated by Richard Jones, experts offer opinions on clues in Doyle's writing that may answer why Doyle ended his famous character at the height of the sleuth's fame.

Raks's Reaction:
I thought this was really intelligent and informative. It covers a lot of ground, and there is a very detailed biography of ACD in there. It sets out what inspired ACD to create Sherlock Holmes, how the relationship with his creation evolved over time, and ACD's increasing frustration with his creation, which straightjacketed him and stopped him writing his historical fiction, which was what ACD wanted to be remembered for. Whilst I have read Arthur and George, which gives a highly detailed account of ACD's formative years and his life in general, I learnt a lot from this DVD and it is definitely worth watching. Roger Johnson, the Editor of the Sherlock Holmes Society Journal is featured very prominently in the programme. Go Roger!!!

Has anyone else seen it and what did they think?

Product description:
2010 sees the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930) the author who created Sherlock Holmes. Yet the life of this mould-breaking author, creator of the first soap opera, and the world's greatest detective was at times as dark and as mysterious as the man he created. But how was this extraordinary character formed and .... did he.... As so many believe .... really exist? The real story behind the creation of this Victorian Phenomenon is both disturbing and mystifying. It takes the viewer on a journey through the Edinburgh of the young Conan Doyle and the darker influences in his life and on into the streets of London and creation of the Holmes legend on the streets now walked by the infamous Jack the Ripper. What also was it about Holmes that captured the imagination of society as it entered the exciting, different yet frightening world of the 20th century a century that threatened to pull apart the fabric of everything that was known and everything that had seemed certain. Could Holmes shed some light on matters? With dramatic visualizations, contributions from leading Holmesian experts, figures from the world of literature and research and evidence from the medical community, the Sherlock Holmes enigma is dissected and the truth begins to emerge. From the producers of the acclaimed Unmasking Jack the Ripper, The Man who murdered SHERLOCK HOLMES explores the world of Sherlock Holmes and discovers the truth behind his love hate relationship for Conan Doyle s meal ticket detective creation... and asks the question, what was it that made him fight to kill off the man who had dominated his life for so long in one dramatic episode.
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