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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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The Recruiting Officer, Donmar Warehouse, starring Mark Gatiss
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Photo credit: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/theatre/article-24030360-theatres-new-power-couple.do

Cut and pasted from the Guardian website:

Restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer by Irish playwright George Farquhar was the first play ever to be staged in Australia, by convicts of the First Fleet in 1789. It now notches up another first, being the inaugural production by the Donmar Warehouse's new artistic director, Josie Rourke. Combining strategies both military and sexual, it follows the exploits of the womanising Captain Plume as he scours Shrewsbury for army recruits, and attempts to bed heiress Sylvia; and of cowardly Captain Brazen as he too is toyed with by a scheming minx. Rourke's cast includes Mark Gatiss, Rachael Stirling and Mackenzie Crook.

Previews started today and run until Monday 13 February; Press Night is on Tuesday 14 February.

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I liked what you wrote about Holmes being your first crush, one that has lasted 25 years, and Holmes being the man of your life. It is exactly the same for me - this is the story of Holmes and Patel!

Inspired by Sherlock, I took my Complete Sherlock Holmes collection down off the shelf after 25 years and re-read the entire Canon. In my teens I was a voracious reader of all the Sherlock Holmes stories, and Holmes was my hero. He had me at Hello. I fell for him hook, line and sinker. Intellect - Huge. Holmes is a genius and the cleverest man in England (excepting his brother Mycroft). He is rake thin. He has an angular face. He is tall. He is arrogant. He has supreme self-confidence. He has self-belief in bucketloads. Sherlock Holmes has got it going on! Benedict perfectly embodied for me the Sherlock Holmes I had created in my own imagination when I read the books in my teens. He just brought the character to life and placed him in the London in which I live and work. Particularly impressive for me was the way he conveys the brilliance, genius and quickness of Holmes's mind. Also how he captures a lot of the Holmesian physicality described in the books. Then there is the fact that his movement is sleek as a cat. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Sherlock brought me back to Canon after 25 years away. When I re-read the stories I thought - why the hell did I leave you behind Holmes? You are my ideal man. I should never have left you behind at home when I went to University. Anyway, now that we have been reunited, Holmes is always with me everywhere I go; I cannot shake him off!

Then you talked about your teddy bear. This will make you laugh! Last year, I acquired a brand new teddy bear; very cute; he is to die for! He is a British (London) policeman bear, complete with a proper uniform. His name is Sherlock! He comes to all the theatre and film with me, and sees everything I see. You can meet him when you come over. He is very intelligent, he sees and hears everything, and he is the best companion a woman could wish for!

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