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Please help save our NHS

Photo credit: http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/Commissioners

My parents have been GPs in the NHS for the past 40 plus years. I used to work in the NHS as a manager. This needs to be said loud and clear:

This song and the stills that go with it try to explain the anger and dismay that we - along with most people connected with English healthcare - feel about the Health and Social Care Bill. This parliamentary Bill threatens to destroy the NHS by stealth.

It has its faults our NHS, but still it's up there with the best
We didn't vote you in for you to leave it such a mess
In Europe and the poor U.S. they pay much more and get much less
Your Bill will kill our public health and make us like the rest
We'll never re-elect you if you wreck our NHS.

At the end of the video are some suggestions about how you can help stop this destructive Bill becoming law.

What makes politicians stop and listen to us the general public is the ballot box. So the key message for me is:
We'll never re-elect you if you wreck our NHS.
End of!

Photo credit: http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/
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