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99% Campaign launches its youth-led blog

99% of young Londoners do NOT commit serious youth violence.

I am an IARS Research Associate; IARS runs and co-ordinates the 99% campaign. This is exciting news which I wanted to share with you all. It provides an opportunity for young people to develop and hone their writing skills and to get involved with a positive campaign to change the way young people are perceived and treated.

Cut and pasted from the IARS website:

The 99% Campaign is a youth-led campaign, working to challenge negative thinking about young people. This week sees the launch of a new 99% Campaign blog. The 99% Campaign Blog is an open platform for young people to talk about their views on policy while at the same time promoting a richer and more positive image of young people. Contributions so far have ranged from criticism of stop and search practices, and a remarkable showcase of art produced by young offenders, to a call for young people to change the way we view education, and work on the benefits of cycling.

We are keen to expand our young journalism and editorial team, for which we are actively recruiting, so if you know anyone who might be interested, email h.challenger@iars.org.uk.

Follow the link for the full story, which includes all the details on how you can get involved with the 99% campaign:
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