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Hollywood or bust for Black British actors?

David Harewood
Photo credit: http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/832074-david-harewoods-emotional-return-from-personal-tragedy

There is a brilliant feature on this topic on the Channel 4 News website. Follow the link to read the story:

Selected highlights:

Young black actors should head for America if they want to make it, according to acclaimed National Theatre star David Harewood - who says opportunities here are thin on the ground.

- Head for Hollywood if you've got ambition, is David Harewood's advice, as he warned that young Black actors would struggle to find roles in Britain to match their talent.
- He's not the only one. Stars like Adrian Lester, Chiwetel Ejifor and Marianne Jean-Baptiste have won prominent roles in the United States after experiencing plenty of frustration back here.
- Last night, Harewood criticised the "lack of authoritative, strong black characters" on British television - but across the Altantic, there's a far wider range of roles, beyond the old stereotyped images of gangland violence, or grinding poverty.

This makes for very depressing reading for Black British actors. But I am hoping that by someone as high profile as David Harewood saying this, this will get those in power at the top to listen and to try and change things for the better.
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