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Swivel Theatre Company's Twelfth Night is coming to The Cockpit

The Swivel Theatre Company: Classic theatre … with a twist

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Late last year, I became an official member of the Swivel Theatre Company's Twelfth Night production team. I am very proud to be part of their Events and Fundraising Team, follow the link:

We have just issued our first Press Release relating to our upcoming production of Twelfth Night.

Press Release
A Moroccan Twelfth Night at The Cockpit Theatre in March 2012

Twelfth Night returns to the London fringe with a Swivel Theatre Company production. Set in the late 1920s Morocco, Swivel’s unique interpretation will be a feast of live music, traditional dance and raucous laughter. This classic Shakespeare comedy will be at the Cockpit Theatre for 3 weeks previewing on 29 February 2012, with press night on 1 March. Booking is now open.

Swivel Theatre Company presents its version of Twelfth Night in March 2012. This production sets the country of Illyria in Morocco, giving a whole new resonance to the play. Viola washes ashore a country where a woman must dress as a man in order to work and to earn money. Set in the searing heat of North Africa, where men and women’s roles in society are very strictly defined and sharply delineated, this comedy of errors will be presented in a whole new context. We will explore questions of gender identity and sexual ambiguity in a rich and vibrant cultural setting.

This is the second production from Swivel Theatre Company, the challenge this new show represents doesn’t intimidate Director Diyan Zora. “This play has so many levels and it fits so well in this context that it’s really exciting to work on. We want to represent all the richness and diversity of Morocco”, says Diyan.

The Assistant Director is Clement Dadelsen, Director of the French theatre company “La compagnie de la Flibuste”, and brings with him the experience of touring around the chateaux of France over the last 4 years. La Compagnie de la Flibuste is also Swivel’s International Partner.

Twelfth Night will be at the Cockpit Theatre from Wednesday 29th February to Sunday 18th March 2012 (excluding Mondays). There is a discount for students, who will also be given an opportunity to discuss the play with the Director after the performance, in order to aid them in their study and understanding of the text.


You can now book your Twelfth Night tickets online at:

You can also book tickets by calling The Cockpit box office on: 020 7258 2925 (lines open 12 till 6, Monday to Friday).

Follow the link for all the details:

Swivel Theatre Company

Swivel Theatre Company is a new theatre company, based in London. Our mission is to produce classic plays in a new and dynamic way, to make the plays more accessible to the general public. We are a group of young professionals, who are passionate about theatre and who want to share our love and enthusiasm for the theatre with others.

The Swivel Theatre Company website is here:
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