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"There is a clue everybody's missed": Sherlock writer Steven Moffat interviewed

Steven Moffat sandwiched between Benedict as Sherlock (left) and Matt as the Doctor (right)

So, Steven Moffat, writer of Sherlock and Doctor Who, what really happened when Holmes plunged to his death last Sunday? We have all, he says, missed one vital clue ...

There is an excellent interview with Steven Moffat in the Guardian which covers both Sherlock and Dr Who. It is very long and detailed and deserves to be read in full. Follow the link:

Selected highlights:
- Sherlock will be back for a third series of three 90-minute episodes, hopefully before the year is out
- Moffat believes the popularity of the two shows suggests reports of dumb Britain are exaggerated
- Moffat suspects Sherlock has overwhelmingly the same audience as Doctor Who
- Moffat has been accused of sexism in his writing. "I was called a misogynist because I was reducing women to mothers. 'Reducing women to mothers' – now there is possibly the most anti-women statement I've heard." "River Song? Amy Pond [two leading Doctor Who women characters he created]? Hardly weak women
- Moffat says, Sherlock is true to the original's spirit. "Ours is an authentic version of Sherlock Holmes"
- "I write the kind of stuff I'd like to watch"
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