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Today (Thursday 19 January 2012 at 1pm), Shakespeare's Globe hosted A Concert for Winter.

Cut and pasted from the Globe Website:

A Concert for Winter is an annual, seasonal celebration of the Southwark community through music and song. Groups from the local community will be joined by local nursery, primary and secondary schools, colleges, and schools for students with SEN to perform as part of a seasonal concert on the Globe stage.

Full details here:

Raks's Review

This is the first time I have been able to attend the Concert for Winter because I am usually working. And I have to say that I absolutely loved it!

It brought together all the different elements of the Southwark Community - nurseries, schools, older people's groups, Southwark Cathedral Choir, Borough Market traders, and the Globe Choir, in one concert, which was a festival of music, song and dance.

I liked the fact that it was a community event, bringing different elements of the community together, in one place at one time, in a shared activity. I liked the fact that they gave the mighty Globe stage over to the community, to ordinary members of the public (children, young people, and adults). I liked the fact that most of the groups were mixed ability. I liked the fact that the Globe was packed to the rafters with local children.

In terms of the children and young people there, I would hope it showed them quite a few things. That they are good enough to be on the Globe stage, and that they can aspire to being a performer there when they grow up. That this was their theatre, where they can come along and have fun and enjoy themselves. That the theatre is for everyone and can be fun. And finally, that they are a part of a thriving and vibrant community, who are made up of all different types of people, and working together can be fun and fulfilling.

I want to give a shout out to a few groups who were brilliant:
- Dulwich Wood Nursery School "The More We Come Together", a traditional South African Welcome Song
- Learn to Uke
- Pilgrims' Way Primary School Choir "Bassez Down", a traditional song
- Borough Market Warblers "Twelve Days of Borough"; this group was brilliant; they were ALL born performers!
- English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School Choir "Singing All Together"
- St Peter's C of E Primary School, Walworth "Samba Performance" This was just excellent and completely raised the roof!
- Globe Choir "Higher and Higher".

Finally, a shout out to the two excellent hosts, Ann Ogbomo and Woody Murray, who were enthusiasm and fun and frolics personified, and made everyone feel very welcome and right at home.

Having been once, I would definitely go again; it was pretty amazing!

And finally,

My feature on the Globe is here:

My feature on the Globe's planned Indoor Jacobean Theatre is here:
The Globe receives no public funding or subsidy of any kind, yet it is THE most amazing theatre, and does innovative and ground-breaking work, both in terms of the productions it puts on, and in terms of its education programme. If you do have money, and are looking to use it for Arts patronage, please consider supporting the development of their Indoor Jacobean Theatre - it will be money well spent!
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