Rakshita (Raks) Patel (rakspatel) wrote in mycroft_brolly,
Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Most successful day ever for The Umbrella Organisation! All Box Office records smashed!

At the time of the Frankenstein closing night party, there was obviously tons of traffic through the site. Then things settled down into a regular rhythmn.

Then the second series of Sherlock hit our screens. Traffic through the site has been growing during the run-up to, and especially since, Sherlock started airing.

Yesterday, this com had the most visitors since the time of the Frankenstein closing night party, and there was a new winner for the post to receive the most hits this com has ever had in one day. The winning post? - Its Official: Sherlock encourages people to read the original Conan Doyle stories.

The winning post is here:

Photo credit: http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/sherlock-promotional-photos/

So I guess what I wanted to say was - THANK YOU SHERLOCK!
Tags: arthur conan doyle, bbc, benedict cumberbatch, books, sherlock, tv, umbrella
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