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The top 10 portrayals of Sherlock Holmes

Photo credit: http://virtualvictorian.blogspot.com/2009/12/sherlock-holmes-this-christmas.html

Cut and pasted from the Den of Geek! Website:

Many actors have attempted to fill the shoes of Sherlock Holmes, but who pulled off the best portrayal of the Baker Street detective? Here’s Alex Westthorp's top 10 list ...

It was 125 years ago that a young Scottish physician called Arthur Conan Doyle wrote some stories about a master detective, mainly to amuse himself between appointments at his surgery. His creation, Sherlock Holmes, loosely based on his mentor, forensic surgeon Joseph Bell, first appeared in the 1887 Beeton’s Christmas Annual, in a story called A Study In Scarlet.

The maverick detective has since appeared numerous times in films and on television, portrayed by a cornucopia of eccentric actors from around the world, though chiefly from Britain and America.

Follow the link to see Alex's top 10 and to have your say:

Raks's Reaction

I think EVERYONE knows who my favourite is ...

My favourite Sherlock in the traditional deerstalker:

Photo credit: http://www.johnwatsonblog.co.uk/blog/19december

My favourite Sherlock in The Coat, which has replaced the deerstalker as THE must have Sherlock fashion accessory!

Photo credit: http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/sherlock-production-stills/
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