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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Sea Wall - Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 1
yvaine24 wrote in mycroft_brolly


Yes I know that all everyone is thinking about tonight is Sherlock but this is too good a thing to let pass without mention.

SEA WALL starring Andrew Scott is now available to download.

And better still this one you get to keep! Although you can just rent it if you want but it costs the same (£3.50) so you might as well buy it, because you will definitely want to see this more than once.

Andrew performed Simon Stephen's play SEA WALL, (which I believe was written especially for Andrew), at The Bush Theatre, London, (2008) and at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (2009). It was then put onto film, which is the version now available to download.

I've read Simon Stephen's play and several others that were in the same book. The man is a genius.

"Simon Stephens has emerged in this millennium as an outstanding young playwright" - Financial Times

"The ever-exciting playwright Simon Stephens has a pitch-perfect ear for narrative and holds back crucial plot details, while spinning off both into inconsequential and amusing anecdotes and existential angst." - The Independent (in a review about Sea Wall in 2009)

Buy the download! Watch it! Watch it again! Then wonder at the extra-ordinary talent that is Andrew Scott!


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yvaine24 - Thank you so much for this!

This is something that I would never have found out about without you. You also get the award for "Hot off the press" - the person to be first onto breaking Andrew Scott news.

This has gone straight to the top of my list of priorities (I really wished I had seen it when I read about it) and I will get onto it later today.

Have you seen it and what did you think? Post a review!

There are also freebies on the site:

Short trailer: free download (2 mins 28 running time)

Simon Stephens and Andrew Scott in conversation: free download (3 mins 50 running time)

Edited at 2012-01-16 10:42 am (UTC)

Thanks for the info. I'll certainly take a look at this. :-)

Oh you definitely should!

I just sat there gobsmacked through the whole thing (about 30 mins). Andrew is amazing!

What with this, and Chasing Cotards and Sherlock Series 2 I'm even more in awe of him now than I was before.

I haven't seen this yet, but I have seen Sherlock S1 and S2, Design for Living, Emperor and Galilean, the National Theatre Bible readings, and Chasing Cotards. As Steven Moffat said, Mr Scott is a "genius"!

I have now seen this and I am NOT amused. yvaine24 - you did not warn me! Enough said!

What do you mean I didn't warn you!

There's a poster above that says......

"One of the most devastating 30 minutes you're ever likely to experience....a spine tingling performance from Andrew Scott" (The Guardian)

How is that not warning you!

Firstly, love the avatar!

Secondly, things can be "devastating" in lots of ways eg Benedict is devastatingly handsome!

You did not tell me the subject matter of the piece. People should know!

Andrew's performance is - as ever - outstanding. He speaks from the heart and to the heart. He really connects with his emotions and feelings and takes the audience with him on the journey.

He's bloody brilliant, and amazing and wonderful, and talented, and incredible, and words fail me.....!!!!!!!!!

Is this an objective assessment?

I would actually argue that YES it is!

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