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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - A very belated review
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

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Subtitled: Raks eats her Deerstalker!

I finally - very very very - belatedly went to see this tonight in recognition of Guy Ritchie getting us the story on South Today re the Undershaw Alliance.

And ... I liked it! There was more than enough Canon and genius in there to keep any Sherlockian or Holmesian happy. As a result, I will now eat my deerstalker - the one that you all saw me wearing on TV!

What I loved:

- Numerous Canonical References
- The friendship and love between Holmes and Watson
- Jude Law, as Watson, was truly excellent. I just loved his playing of the role and it was perfectly in keeping with the Watson of my imagination. Jude, like Mr Scott, is a bit of a genius and is always brilliant in anything he does
- Colonel Sebastian Moran - he was the epitome of pure evil and was excellent
- The humour in the film. It was very funny (I laughed out loud several times) and there were some great one liners
- Mycroft calling Sherlock "Sherly"; that was a real treat!
- The fact that it was, most definitely, an adventure
- The Victoriana - I am a sucker for that!
- The big budget and the millions they had to make the film. You could see it in the locations, the sets, the costumes, and critically, the effects, which were genius. The film was a feast for the eyes
- The ending. Holmes and Moriarty, locked in combat and in eachother's arms, falling off the ledge and down into the heart of the Waterfall. Beautiful and breathtaking and just what I expected and wanted
- The fact that in this version, you don't have to wait years for Holmes's return; just a few minutes and there he is, alive and well, and back in Watson's study
- Watson typing "The End". And Holmes adding a question mark - ? What further adventures, if any, will they have together?
- My favourite line referred to the fact that travelling in a motorcar was a bit conspicuous. "It's so overt, it's covert." This really chimes with the multiple references in Sherlock to hiding in plain sight

What I didn't like:

- This is always the key problem with the Guy Ritchie films for me. I cannot accept RDJ as Holmes. I just do not believe that he has a genius mind, or that he is super intelligent, or that he can outwit people. The playing of it is all wrong. RDJ does not do any of the physical traits that are in Canon that Benedict does so well. RDJ does not have the face or the physique for Holmes. And, last but not least, Holmes should be an English gentleman (Benedict nails this!); RDJ just looks and acts like a thug
- Holmes's thought process and the deductions were hard to follow and clumsy. Compared to the clarity and quickness and sheer genius of the deductions in Sherlock they were a bit not good

However, what I will say is that, overall, I enjoyed the film and there is more than enough to it to keep any Sherlockian or Holmesian happy. This film is also much better seen on the big screen not at home so catch it before it leaves cinemas for good!

Photo credit: http://www.filmofilia.com/six-new-sherlock-holmes-a-game-of-shadows-character-posters-76221/

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totally agree with you.
and my title for Sherlock Holmes 2, is better than theirs!
"Sherlock Holmes 2: more gay, impossible!!"
really! mauhauhauhauh

(i like the waiting in the original. increase their relationship(Holmes and Watson, at some point), and i like a bit of drama.. but the movie has his references! so, it was ok, better than the first)

Yes, I had to eat my deerstalker, because, despite RDJ, I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was very funny and, as I said, I laughed out loud at several points.

There was a lot to love amidst the nonsense wasn't there? RDJr will never be a canon Sherlock Holmes for me, but his relationship with JL/Watson rings true enough even though played for laughs most of the time. I thought that Jared Harris brought gravitas to the film. He wasn't the creepiest Moriarty, but he played the mathematician turned criminal mastermind very well. Agree also that Colonel Moran was very chilling. I wonder if we'll get an equivalent character in Sherlock on Sunday...

Not sure about this recurring trend for nudity. Could really have done without Mycroft's eccentricity in this department – not a pretty sight! :-))

Yes there was a lot to love. I enjoyed the film, especially the humour, and I laughed out loud several times.

I completely agree that the deep friendship between Holmes and Watson is beautifully captured in the film. It was completely convincing and very Canon. I loved the rapport Robert and Jude had together; it felt very real.

I agree re Moriarty. He was a very true to Canon Moriarty and Jared was excellent. "Mathematician turned criminal mastermind" - Yes.

I did not "get" Mycroft's nudity, unless it was just a cheap joke. The Holmes brothers are eccentric but you would have to be completely insane to behave as Mycroft did in that scene. Not at all believable that a high ranking British government official would do that.

The film is obviously doing very well. It was out in December but nearly one month on it was still playing at one of the larger screens at my local Odeon and the screening was three-quarters full. So clearly a very popular film.

Anything that beings Holmes and Watson to the attention of new people, and interests them enough to go back to the original stories, is obviously a good thing, and I can't complain!

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