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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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RIP Sherlock and Jim?
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

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Steven Moffat talked about one of the keys to the success of the Sherlock Holmes short stories being the great beginnings. Conan Doyle knew that he had to draw people in. One of the best beginnings is that of The Final Problem:

It is with a heavy heart that I take up my pen to write these the last words in which I shall ever record the singular gifts by which my friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes was distinguished. In an incoherent and, as I deeply feel, an entirely inadequate fashion, I have endeavored to give some account of my strange experiences in his company from the chance which first brought us together at the period of the "Study in Scarlet," up to the time of his interference in the matter of the "Naval Treaty" - an interference which had the unquestionable effect of preventing a serious international complication. It was my intention to have stopped there, and to have said nothing of that event which has created a void in my life which the lapse of two years has done little to fill. My hand has been forced, however, by the recent letters in which Colonel James Moriarty defends the memory of his brother, and I have no choice but to lay the facts before the public exactly as they occurred. I alone know the absolute truth of the matter, and I am satisfied that the time has come when on good purpose is to be served by its suppression. As far as I know, there have been only three accounts in the public press: that in the Journal de Geneve on May 6th, 1891, the Reuter's despatch in the English papers on May 7th, and finally the recent letter to which I have alluded. Of these the first and second were extremely condensed, while the last is, as I shall now show, an absolute perversion of the facts. It lies with me to tell for the first time what really took place between Professor Moriarty and Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

- The Final Problem, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

What happens next?
Watch the final episode of Sherlock Series 2 to find out - 9pm, BBC1, Sunday 15 January.

The Reichenbach Fall
The return of Moriarty. The crime of the century. Can Sherlock possibly survive?

For non-Sherlockians and non-Holmesians, Sherlock Series 2, Episode 3, The Reichenbach Fall, will be based on the Canon story, The Final Problem.

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we all have to prey for an "empty house". and 3 season!
hope he will survive this!

I have started praying already! And I want BOTH Sherlock and Jim to survive!

well.. XDDDDDDDDD we will see what they will bring for us! *_* omg omg! <3

I think it is one of those moments when we will all be hiding behind the sofa!

I'm sure that we're going to be absolutely wowed by this episode. I expect a great beginning, then a load of twists, not least semantic ones. Fall can mean more than one thing after all. I think more than one meaning will be employed... and if there's a waterfall involved other than as a visual joke, I'll buy a deerstalker and eat it. :-))

BUT I want a waterfall!

And I want YOU to buy a deerstalker and eat it - I have plenty as you know! :)

Oops! I could be in big trouble... :-)) But really, they're not going to have Jim and Sherlock going over a waterfall in Switzerland or anywhere else, because that's way too obvious. We shall see come Sunday!

P.S. If you want a waterfall, go see the Guy Ritchie film. You know that you have to... and seriously, the second half of the film is pretty good!

Look ... what you need to understand about me is that I am a big kid at heart and I want Sherlock and Jim AND a Waterfall. I want, I want, I want!

But yes, I know, what we are more likely to have is not hand to hand combat and a Waterfall, but brain to brain combat and a big trial/court case, with Jim as the defendant and Sherlock trying to prove Jim's guilt.

Yes, I am now going to have to see THAT film (the film that I dare not speak its name!). I am going tonight as a thank you to Guy for joining our campaign. And, now, at least I will get the Waterfall!

Go with the flow and I think you'll find things to like about A Game of Shadows. There is actually quite a lot of canon in there! Holmes's disguises are risibly ridiculous, but for all that the ending is cute. And probably happier than we can expect on Sunday...

Taking a break now to read the February issue of BBC Focus. I usually buy New Scientist for my son, but was totally seduced by Sherlock on the cover of this one to change my allegiance whilst in the supermarket earlier! General article about 'the science of deduction' and another by Mark Gatiss inside. :-)


BBC Focus.
Thank you so much for this hot tip. I do not "do" science at all - I am completely ignorant - and so this would never have been on my radar and would never have crossed my radar. Next time I am in Smiths I am getting one of these!

As to THAT film, I am going with an open mind. Lately, I have set my mind and my heart against things for spurious reasons and then been pleasantly surprised. I always TRY to go to everything with an open mind. I will do so with THAT film! :)

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