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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Chasing Cotards, starring Andrew Scott
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Photo credit: http://films.imhonet.ru/element/1171278/gallery/

Sometimes believing you're dead....
is easier than knowing you're alive

Plot Outline cut and pasted from the Chasing Cotards Website:

Once a successful artist, Hart is now a shadow of his former self, his world torn apart by loss. He is consumed by a haunting portrait of his deceased wife and spends every moment studying her face, unable to forget. Knowing that she was taken away from him too soon, all he wishes is that she would return to breathe life into his world once more.

Back to The Umbrella Organisation ...

The Chasing Cotards Filmmakers have been good enough to post my review onto their Facebook and their Twitter. That is a privilege and an honour. I am humbled.

‎"it is a beautiful Shakespearean sonnet about love, loss, and grief; about a cherished love, lost and gone forever".
What a lovely review, I have to say it's nice to read that someone totally got it: http://mycroft-brolly.livejournal.com/220304.html

"it is a beautiful Shakespearean sonnet about love, loss, and grief; about a cherished love, lost and gone forever". http://mycroft-brolly.livejournal.com/220304.html

Follow the link to the Chasing Cotards website to get all the details, watch the trailer and download the film:
The Biggest Short Film of All Time (literally)

And, to conclude, this image is hauntingly beautiful and has been promoted straight onto the sidebar:

Photo credit: http://www.alexwatherston.com/film.html

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I just knew that you would succumb!

"He's quite good this Andrew Scott chap isn't he? :-)"
Ha ha ha very funny.
Come on, Steven Moffat said he was a "genius" and I think that is an understatement!

"Anyone who's suffered loss (through bereavement or break up) knows this numbing feeling of dislocation from the real world, the slamming finality every time you consciously or unconsciously remember the one who has departed. The silent tears that flow. The need to consult the beloved even though they are no longer around. The desire to seek their approval to move on – in this world or into another realm." YES - I agree totally.

Hart. Suicide? I bloody well hope not! I want to see lots more of Mr Scott! :)

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