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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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"Chasing Cotards" - Andrew Scott
yvaine24 wrote in mycroft_brolly


"Chasing Cotards" the short film Andrew Scott was in, and which had a premiere at the IMAX Cinema in Waterloo, is now available to watch online.

It costs £1.49 to rent and will be streamed straight to your computer. Once rented it is available to be watched five times in a thirty day period, (sorry if I've got this wrong, it is explained in the FAQ's on the site).

It is beautifully shot, and has to be seen. Andrew is simply brilliant in it. There is no dialogue, and his facial expressions are heart wrenching.

Below should be the link that will take you to the site.......fingers crossed!


Go watch it......you will not be disappointed.

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Thanks for this. As usual stupid (ie me) was completely oblivious to this!

Not a problem. Far as I can tell, it only happened today (Tuesday)

I've been keeping tabs on the relevant web/twitter sites for a while now waiting for it.

Yes but what I meant was ... I hadn't even heard of the film!

Runs away to hide her head in shame ...

Oh I see!

Made in 2010.

If you google it there's all sorts of info you can look at.

Forget that, I want to watch all the goodies you gave me the other day - I still haven't got onto that!

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