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Christopher and his kind, BBC2

Photo courtesy http://www.radiotimes.com/content/features/galleries/matt-smith-christopher-and-his-kind/02/

From Radio Times website:
Doctor Who star Matt Smith plays Christopher Isherwood - the gay author whose exploits inspired the Hollywood movies Cabaret and A Single Man - in new drama Christopher and His Kind.

pudupudu tipped me off about this - thank you pudupudu! It was fab!

I watched this very late last night - I had prioritised it - it jumped straight over my Mark homework! It was amazing - and is a shining example of why I love the BBC so much. Only the BBC could make this type of film.

It is about a gay man living in the 30s, someone who was living in Nazi Germany.

It has gay sex! It has lots of hot men! But, and this is critical, it makes you stop and think. What was it like being gay in the 30s? What was it like being gay in Nazi Germany?

Matt Smith - You are becoming a BBC stalwart, like Benedict. You are making some very brave and interesting choices, like Benedict. You took on the Doctor - not only did you fill David Tennant's shoes, you took the playing of the Doctor to another level - I love your Doctor! You have now chosen to play a gay man, living in the 30s, and you have put gay sex on the screen - brave choice. Are you the new Benedict Cumberbatch and the new Tom Hardy of your generation? You are most definitely one to watch! I am adopting you! I loved the accent that you had perfected for this piece - it was spot on! You are now on my radar BIG TIME!

Thank you to the BBC and thank you to Matt Smith - you are both geniuses!
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