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The true love of Sherlock's life: Mrs Hudson

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Quite rightly, people have asked me to explain further my assertion that "A Scandal in Belgravia" shows the deep and everlasting love that Sherlock has for one woman ... Mrs Hudson.

I stated that Sherlock loves Mrs Hudson above all other women, that he admires and respects her, and will do his utmost to protect her from any harm (physical or emotional).

What is my proof?

- Sherlock, I get a sense, lacked maternal care and affection. One example of this is when Mycroft volunteers to pour the tea at the Palace, "I'll be Mother", and Sherlock's quip "And there is a whole childhood in a nutshell". Sherlock wanted a mother who looked after him, took care of him and showered him with affection - he deserved that! - but, for whatever reason, this was not forthcoming

- Mrs Hudson is the mother Sherlock never had. She does all the things that Sherlock's mother never did - fusses around him; takes care of him and looks after him; worries about him; and sees to all his physical and emotional needs

- Sherlock's love for Mrs Hudson is the purest kind of love you can have. It is the deep seated love that a son has for his mother, when that mother means everything to him

- Sherlock's protectiveness of, and towards, Mrs Hudson I found profoundly affecting and deeply moving. The way Sherlock barks at Mycroft when Mycroft says "Shut up, Mrs Hudson", and the pain in Sherlock's eyes and face when he sees the injuries that Mrs Hudson has sustained at the hands of the henchman, followed by his violent and brutal treatment of the henchman who hurt her, shows this.

Sherlock's love of, and for, Mrs Hudson, and his admiration and respect for her qualities, is clearly shown in the scene below:

Scene in 221B kitchen:

Shame on you, John Watson.

Shame on me?

Mrs Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall.

Sherlock puts his arm around Mrs Hudson in a loving and protective embrace.

- A Scandal in Belgravia, Sherlock Series 2, Steven Moffat

Case proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Case closed!
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