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Interview with Mark Gatiss, BBC website

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As it is Mark Gatiss's episode "The Hounds of Baskerville", coming up next Sunday, I thought I would run the interview that Mark gave about the new series of Sherlock for the BBC website.

Selected highlights from the interview, cut and pasted from the BBC website:

Known to viewers as Mycroft, Sherlock's steely, mysterious older brother, Mark is also responsible for writing this series' episode two, The Hounds Of Baskerville, arguably, Conan Doyle's most famous book.

Mark discusses setting about updating such a classic. "My idea for Baskerville was, as ever, to look for the 'modern'. So rather than setting it in a spooky old house, I wanted to find the sort of thing that frightens us today. We're still a very credulous species but we tend to be more afraid of secret goings-on and conspiracy theories. So I thought, what about a scary weapons research place out on Dartmoor? Where secret animal experimentation or something similarly terrible was taking place."

"The reputation of the story was obviously a challenge", says Mark, "it's the most famous and best-loved of them all. No pressure! At its heart, though, it's a horror story and horror is a big part of the appeal of Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to make it the scariest version there's ever been. Trying to work that out almost killed me!"

Raks's comment - I cannot wait for the scariest version that there has ever been of the Hound! Also I LOVE horror!

Mark, a lifelong Conan Doyle fan, sheds some light on what he thinks it is that appeals to people about Sherlock. "He's a mass of contradictions and that makes him fascinating. He's cold, aloof, arrogant, dangerous, therefore, absolutely magnetically attractive."

Raks's comment - What appealed to me about Holmes was his intelligence, coupled with supreme arrogance. Like Dr Watson, I also love danger! And, of course, Benedict is both charismatic and attractive.

Follow the link to read the full interview with Mark Gatiss:
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