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The Last Enemy, BBC

Photo courtesy http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/

So what the hell is The Last Enemy about? Cut and pasted from Amazon:
"After four years abroad, Stephen Ezard (Benedict Cumberbatch) returns to London for his brother Michael's (Max Beesley) funeral. Following a major terrorist attack, Britain has become a security state and U.K. citizens have their movements tracked by the government. Stephen finds himself in the midst of a conspiracy as he sets out to discover what really happened to his brother."

Raks's says:
This is yet another high quality high end drama from the BBC (Shout out to the BBC!). Like a lot of Benedict's work, it is hugely interesting from the point of view of political and social commentary. It looks at things like 1984, Big Brother, Surveillance State, CCTV, ID cards, biometric fingerprinting, passports, immigration, terrorism ... I could go on and on. It is an intellectual piece - it makes you think. Shout out to Benedict and the BBC! It is what I am working on at the moment - I am working on the Protection of Freedoms Bill which is all about safeguarding civil liberties after a period when a lot of civil liberties were trampled over in the name of protecting Britain against terrorism.

Photo courtesy http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/

This is one of the few films/dramas where Benedict gets love/sex scenes. They blew me away. You have to watch them. They are intense and passionate. They convey the urgency and desperation of love/sexual attraction that can sometimes be instantaneous. They are unique and unusual. They are, quite simply, mind blowing. I must leave it at that!

The Last Enemy is now available on Amazon for the ridiculous price of £3. This is a stupid price for this. If you don't have it, buy it and watch it now!

This TV drama expains fully why I love the BBC and Benedict.

To the BBC and Benedict - You are genius, you are God, you are my inspiration, you feed my brain, you make me think. THANK YOU!
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