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Sherlock Holmes has a heart!

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There is a great interview with Benedict Cumberbatch talking about Sherlock in What's On TV.

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals what's in store for Sherlock in the new series, which starts on BBC One on New Year's Day...

Follow the link to read the article:

My two personal highlights from the piece:

Is Sherlock better behaved and more considerate of people's feelings as a result of John's influence?
"Without giving too much away, I think there's definitely a level of humanisation to him, but we're still remaining true to this incredible man. He is a calculating, logic machine who finds solutions in the everyday by not being involved in the everyday. There are still many moments where he's being a complete sociopath and low spectrum autistic, in the sense of not understanding or having any idea what empathy is."

Sherlock's only intellectual equal is Jim Moriarty; will there be more scenes with Andrew Scott, who plays him, this series?
"Yes! It's nice for Sherlock to have an equal in the room. Sherlock and Moriarty are definitely on a more even playing field - it's a nice game of tennis! Andrew and I are great friends, I've always admired his talent, he's a phenomenal actor, and it's a joy to those scenes with him."
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