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Season's Greetings, National Theatre

This was originally posted in early March.

Photo credit: http://www.ntposters.org.uk/image/443980/seasons-greetings

From National website:
Alan Ayckbourn's masterly Season's Greetings offers a seriously entertaining look at the misery and high jinks of an average family Christmas.

Christmas has arrived in the Bunker household along with family and friends. Presiding over the festivities are two warring uncles, one a kindly, incompetent doctor with an interminable puppet show to perform (Bernard played by Mark Gatiss); the other a bullying retired security guard who dominates the TV, brings toy guns for his nieces and determines there’s a thief in their midst (Harvey played by David Troughton).

Markgatiss on Twitter:
Back on stage. Nice to get out from behind the desk after three days. Only ten shows left!

Raks's review:
The best ensemble cast I have seen for a long time. Massively funny - I spontaneously combusted in my seat multiple times during this production. But the play is also incredibly moving, touching, sad and, at some points, heart breaking. I have seen it twice already and am going for the third time on closing night - Sunday 13 March. Season's is outstanding and Bernard's puppet show is priceless. When Harvey (David Troughton) destroys Bernard's (Mark Gatiss's) puppets and Bernard is so visibly upset and shaken, I always just want to get up on stage, give Bernard a hug, make him some tea, and tell him that everything will be ok!!!

Season's is better than Frankenstein!!! - I honestly believe this to be the case - I apologise profusely to Danny, Benedict and Jonny in advance, but I have to be honest and say what I feel in my heart.
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