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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

127 Hours

This film completely blew me out of the water!!!

Danny Boyle is a genius. The film is just absolutely amazing - unlike any film I have watched before. You are so close to the action you feel as though you are experiencing that situation yourself. Shots of the canyon and the landscapes in this film are breathtaking - I haven't seen such amazing desert since Lawrence of Arabia (and I LOVE my deserts!!!). The camera sweeps across the landscapes from up on high are a work of art. The use of the split screen at key moments is very clever and incredibly effective. And the colours in the film in the landscapes - wow!!!

Then there is James Franco's performance. He is outstanding in this film - yes not just outstanding, f**king outstanding!!! Colin Firth's performance in The King's Speech, in my humble opinion, is nothing particularly special - I actually think that Geoffrey Rush's performance in that film is stronger. But James Franco in this, is AWESOME. And he has no other actors to bounce off or to inspire him, he is acting against a videocam and a rock for f**k's sake.

Anyway, in conclusion, GO AND SEE THIS FILM!!!

WARNING - There is a 5 minute section in this film towards the end that is absolutely excruciating to watch and I was disappointed, being a woman, to see a few women actually walk out of the film at this point. Come on girls - we should do better than this!!! If you find this section hard to watch, then close your eyes, but please stick with the film.
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