May 4th, 2017

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Occupational Hazards, Hampstead Theatre

Raks's Reaction
I saw this yesterday and it was great to see intelligent and insightful political theatre on stage. It needs a powerhouse central performance, and Henry Lloyd-Hughes certainly delivers that!

Cut and pasted from the Hampstead Theatre website:
September 2003. Rory Stewart, a thirty year old former British diplomat, is posted to serve as governor in a province of the newly liberated Iraq. His job is to help build a new civil society at peace with itself and its neighbours - an ambitious mission, admittedly, but outperforming Saddam should surely not prove too difficult …

Stephen Brown’s new play, based on Rory Stewart’s critically acclaimed memoir Occupational Hazards, tells an extraordinary story about the moral conflicts, the dangers and the comic absurdities inherent in any foreign occupation.

Follow the link for more details: