October 22nd, 2013

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Happy 50th Birthday National Theatre!

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50 years ago today the National Theatre staged its first performance - Hamlet, directed by Laurence Olivier with Peter O’Toole.

Photo credit: National Theatre

The National Theatre is therefore 50 years old today (Happy Birthday National Theatre!) and so I am re-running this feature from last year.

The Fire Garden, National Theatre, courtesy The World Famous and Watch this Space

Photo credit: http://www.whatsonstage.com/news/theatre/london/E8831343208790/Photos:+National+Theatre+lights+up+for+Olympics.html

Cut and pasted from the National Theatre Inside Out Website:

The Fire Garden - The World Famous
As the Olympic torch approaches its destination, the iconic National Theatre comes to life with flames, turning it into a massive riverside hanging garden of conflagration, to celebrate the start of one of London’s most memorable occasions.

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Cut and pasted from the Whatsonstage Website:

National Theatre lights up for Olympics

The stalwart concrete buildings of the National Theatre were illuminated last night by the flames of thousands of torches to mark the opening of the Olympics. Entitled The Fire Garden, the display by the humbly named World Famous Pyrotechnic Company turned up the heat as part of the National Theatre Inside Out festival.

Raks's Twitter Review

Fire Garden @NationalTheatre. Great Scott! They REALLY have set Theatre Square on fire! Flames and flares everywhere. Feels like an oven. Wow!

Fire Garden @NationalTheatre. Flames. Flares. Fire. Heat. Spectacular. Wow! Quite a sight to behold.

Fire Garden @NationalTheatre. Completely and utterly mesmerising. I was transfixed!