October 19th, 2013

Me with Red Ribbon

Favourite Biopics: My choices were Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi and Milk

Photo credit: http://www.amovieaweek.com/lawrence.html

Vada Film Writers now have a Vada Film Club and every fortnight we look at a particular topic/genre and pick our favourites. Last week the Vada Film Club looked at biopics and I chose my own personal real life heroes - Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi and Milk.

My submission:

I have chosen to write about three biographical films which feature my own personal real life heroes from the 20th century, and they are Lawrence of Arabia starring Peter O’Toole and directed by David Lean, Gandhi starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Richard Attenborough, and Milk starring Sean Penn and directed by Gus Van Sant.

All three films show incredibly charismatic individuals, who became figureheads and galvanized significant political movements – Lawrence for the Arab Revolt, Gandhi for Indian Independence, and Milk for LGBT rights. They all contain very powerful central performances from the lead actor (Ben Kingsley and Sean Penn won Best Actor Oscars for their performances).

All three films document the very high personal price paid and sacrifices made for the cause by the three individuals. Tragically, all three lives were cut short – Lawrence due to an accident/suicide, and Gandhi and Milk were assassinated. That is our loss.

You can read the full Vada feature here:

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