June 11th, 2013

Me with Red Ribbon

Walk for Life on behalf of Terrence Higgins Trust, Sunday 16 June 2013


On Sunday 16 June 2013, I will be doing the Walk for Life 2013 on behalf of the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Walk for Life is the Terrence Higgins Trust's annual 10k sponsored walk around Central London. This will be the 5th year I am doing the walk.

I choose to do the Walk for Life every year because it is for a cause that is special to me and is very close to my heart. The Walk itself is a lot of fun, with a capital F!

All funds raised from Walk for Life go towards providing vital grants for people living with HIV in severe financial need through their Hardship Fund.

The Fund offers invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable people with HIV, allowing them to afford basic necessities like warm clothing, healthy food and the fare to get to the hospital - helping them to keep their dignity and stay healthy despite severe financial difficulties.

Every year there is a fancy dress theme and this year the theme is "Really Wild".

Most of my friends and family know that I am passionate about tigers and so it was a no-brainer for me to go as a TIGER.

I know it is the Age of Austerity and money is tight, but if you are able please can you sponsor me? - the money is going to a really good cause and to people who are facing real hardship and are in real need.

Sponsor me here:


All the information about the Walk for Life 2013 can be found on the Terrence Higgins Trust website here:

And if you are really keen, you can even sign up and join me and hundreds of others on the walk!