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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

03:58 pm: rakspatel New Year's Resolutions: 2013  2 comments
04:12 pm: rakspatel Birthday Present to Self  2 comments
12:55 am: rakspatel Chariots of Fire, Gielgud: Closing this Saturday - Last chance to see!  2 comments
01:05 pm: rakspatel Congratulations to The Custard Boys: Best New Theatre Production 2012 (So So Gay Mag Awards)
01:21 pm: rakspatel Bert and Dickie, BBC1 (1948 London Olympics)
03:58 pm: rakspatel The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, Complicite/Simon McBurney, Barbican
12:14 am: rakspatel Cambridge Spies, BBC   4 comments
11:12 pm: rakspatel Hansel and Gretel, National Theatre
01:36 am: rakspatel The Return of Cabin Pressure, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC Radio 4  2 comments
01:58 am: rakspatel Doctor Who goes head to head with Sherlock at the National Television Awards 2013
02:21 am: rakspatel "The Judas Kiss" Opens in the West End, Duke of York's Theatre
11:55 pm: rakspatel Call Me Kuchu
01:28 am: rakspatel Copenhagen, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC Radio 3, today  2 comments
02:59 am: rakspatel Something for the Weekend: Justin Timberlake and all the Single Ladies
01:56 pm: rakspatel Today is Martin Luther King's Birthday
03:12 am: rakspatel "Yes Prime Minister" returns to the small screen and the stage: In praise of Sir Humphrey Appleby
11:51 pm: rakspatel NT Live Today: The Magistrate, National Theatre (Thurs 17 Jan)
12:28 am: rakspatel Critics' Circle Theatre Awards: Congratulations to all the Winners!
03:45 pm: rakspatel The Sherlock Holmes Society of London: Big Sherlockian Weekend, January 2013
03:13 am: rakspatel The Sherlock Holmes Society of London: Annual Dinner 2013 - A Memento
12:15 am: rakspatel The Criterion Restaurant: Old and New Sherlockian Plaques
05:12 pm: rakspatel Victory for the Reform Section 5 Campaign - Hooray!
09:46 pm: rakspatel The Shawshank Redemption, courtesy Secret Cinema and Future Cinema
12:05 am: rakspatel Happy Birthday Peter Tatchell - 61 years YOUNG today!
10:32 pm: rakspatel Hollywood Costume, Victoria and Albert Museum
03:27 am: rakspatel The Battle for Bermondsey, with Peter Tatchell and Simon Hughes: 30 years on