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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

12:50 am: rakspatel World AIDS Day - 1 December 2012: Stop the Blog!
12:22 am: rakspatel Peaceful Demo Against Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill: Monday 10 December
02:16 am: rakspatel PM David Cameron backs gay weddings in Church: Equal Marriage on its way!
01:32 am: rakspatel The Hunt (Jagten), Odeon West End, London Film Festival, Out in cinemas nationwide now  2 comments
08:38 pm: rakspatel The Town, starring Andrew Scott, ITV  2 comments
03:38 pm: rakspatel London Protest Against Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill on Monday 10 December (Human Rights Day)
02:18 am: rakspatel Reform Section 5 of the Public Order Act: We won the Lords vote!
10:57 pm: rakspatel UK Government Unveils Equal Marriage Proposals
12:55 am: rakspatel Our Boys, Duchess Theatre: Closes Saturday 15 December - Last chance to see!
04:40 am: rakspatel Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas!
02:17 pm: rakspatel Merry Christmas to all Readers of The Umbrella Organisation and all my Twitter Followers
07:43 pm: rakspatel My Chosen Christmas Appeal - Peter Tatchell Foundation
09:41 pm: rakspatel End-of-year (2012) Audit: Most Popular Community Tags  2 comments
10:45 pm: rakspatel Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012: All I Want For Christmas Is YOU!
03:38 am: rakspatel Anglican vicars threaten to defy equal marriage ban on the Church of England  1 comment
03:58 am: rakspatel Countdown to Christmas: Raks's fave Christmas song - Last Christmas by Wham!
01:14 am: rakspatel Queer Homes, Queer Families: A History and Policy Debate
01:08 am: rakspatel Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty, New Adventures, Sadler's Wells  3 comments
03:50 am: rakspatel Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas?
03:29 am: rakspatel Ballet Revolución, Peacock Theatre, March 2013
01:57 am: rakspatel Dr Who Christmas Special 2011: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe
04:58 pm: rakspatel Roll on Christmas Day and the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012 "The Snowmen"
07:41 pm: rakspatel The Turning Point, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, courtesy Sky Arts Theatre Live!  2 comments
12:36 am: rakspatel Happy Christmas!  2 comments
12:48 pm: rakspatel Boxing Day: "Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher" Day
02:19 pm: rakspatel Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012 "The Snowmen"  2 comments
03:07 pm: rakspatel Sherlock voted best TV show of 2012 by Radio Times critics: Congratulations Team Sherlock!  1 comment
12:39 pm: rakspatel Happy New Year! 2013 is on its way ...
05:57 pm: rakspatel A Christmas Carol, Antic Disposition, Middle Temple Hall